UNESCO releases approximately 150 publications annually to foster global knowledge sharing and advancement. However, its outdated publication workflow management platform, relying on a decade-old On Premise Drupal 7 environment, faced technical issues and scalability limitations. Recognizing the need for modernization, UNESCO sought consulting expertise to define business and technical requirements for revamping the platform to meet current technology and security standards.

Relief Applications meticulously analyzed UNESCO’s publication management needs through documentation review, user interviews, and interactive workshops. This approach enabled the collaborative definition of user stories and essential platform functionalities, ensuring alignment with UNESCO’s requirements and industry standards. Additionally, Relief Applications conducted a comprehensive benchmarking exercise of available tools, providing tailored recommendations for platform development and ongoing maintenance within UNESCO’s technical ecosystem. By following this methodology, UNESCO will be empowered to engage with ideal partners for crafting a bespoke, future-proof solution that meets its immediate needs and industry standards.