M├ędecins du Monde works in 41 countries around the world, and among their priorities are to guarantee access to healthcare, assist population in crises, help migrants and displaced populations and lead sexual and reproductive health campaigns.

To manage all the information gathered from their offices in the field MDM uses Monitool. Monitool is a software tool that allows MDM staff to access information about what is going on in each mission and region, and measure and compare results. It is a powerful tool yet complex to use and analyze results: users can add small projects (with their own indicators) inside broader ones, compare graphs of each campaign and include new data. The complexity of the tool requires expertise and time to master it.

By offering both design enhancements and comprehensive maintenance support, we aim to empower M├ędecins du Monde in their critical work, allowing them to focus more on their mission and less on the complexities of software management.

Monitool is more accessible for everybody, changing not only the design but how users interact with it.

Github project: https://github.com/medecins-du-monde/monitool

A demo version can be seen at http://monitool-training.medecinsdumonde.net (no account is required to login).