Recognizing the strategic importance of proactive measures in humanitarian operations, the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) embarked on two pilot projects addressing displacement triggered by drought and conflict. Following the successful implementation of these pilots, the DRC identified a need to formalize and disseminate their approach internally. In response to this challenge, Relief Applications developed an Anticipatory Action Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) Toolbox tailored to the specific needs of the DRC. This comprehensive toolkit aimed to enhance the organization’s capacity by providing standardized guidelines and tools for assessing and documenting the impact of their anticipatory action initiatives.

The MEAL Toolbox comprised essential components such as an Anticipatory Action MEAL Manual, Indicator Repository, Anticipatory Action MEAL Framework, Lessons Learned Management Chart, and Early Action Plan Template. These resources were designed to facilitate efficient data collection, analysis, and reporting, improving the organization’s ability to measure outcomes and enhance accountability.

By addressing these critical needs, Relief Applications contributed to the DRC’s mission of effectively responding to displacement crises triggered by various factors. This project underscores our commitment to supporting humanitarian organizations in their efforts to alleviate suffering and promote resilience in vulnerable communities.