The National Ministry of Public Health of Mozambique was searching for an organization that could conduct a measurement of the key indicators monitored by the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP). The goal: to assess the progress in implementing malaria prevention interventions carried out under the previous National Strategic Plan for Malaria Control, at household level, in 3 provinces: Maputo City, Maputo Province and Gaza Province. 

Tropical Health with the collaboration of Relief Applications launched a plan to design a questionnaire using Kobo, create a user manual, train data collectors and support the data collection, analyze the data and produce a dashboard using PowerBi. In other words, to offer a complete data collection and data visualization assessment.

We divided the project in 5 phases:

1. Questionnaire creation and distribution planning:

– Our team worked to create the main questionnaire, aimed to inquire household members about the use o mosquito nets, detection of episodes of fever and water, sanitation and hygiene habits followed. The eligible households must include women (15-49 yrs) and children aged (6 m-5 yrs)
– Afterwards we trained the trainers, which guided the team for a pre-test survey that listed 190 households potentially suitable for the project, from which 21 of them were selected
– To close the pretest analysis of the results was performed

2. Tutorial Manual:

In order to ease the process and provide autonomy to the team involved in the project, Relief Applications worked on a series of tutorials documents to be shared within the organizations and teams involved, which included:

– Tutorial manual for validator and enumerator
– Tutorial for integration of GIS files into KoboCollect app
– Tutorial for selection of 20 random households from each enumeration areas

3. Remote support during the training phase

We offered remote support during training for enumerators which were going to work on 620 Enumeration Areas (EA) and randomly select 20 Households per EA.

4. Data visualization with PowerBI

In order to visualise the data collected, our team made possible the synchronization of PowerBI with Kobo Toolbox project’s API.

5. Data quality check during the initial data collection phase

In this phase we provided technical support during collection, Data collection and data visualization activities