About the client

Cáritas Española is a confederation of 70 regional organizations linked to the Spanish Catholic Church which works to offer opportunities to vulnerable populations as well as people in risk of exclusion in Spain.

Active since 1957, Cáritas works with general population in risk, such as families, the elderly, migrants and children as well as groups imperilled by economic, social or health difficulties like ex-convicts, the homeless and trafficking victims.

The project

We worked with Cáritas Española to increase accessibility to their programmes aimed to help populations at risk of exclusion to access the Spanish labour market through an app.

With this app Cáritas wants to offer its beneficiaries access to courses, workshops, job offers and any resources that can help them to improve their possibilities in the labour market.

The app gives the capacity to Cáritas regional branches around Spain to provide visibility to their labour support services as well as an easy way to register in job offers or educational initiatives.

Relief Applications created a mobile app accesible and user friendly for both Cáritas staff and beneficiaries. Developed with a modular point perspective, the app can be enhanced in the future adding new features. With this app uses are able to:

  • Access job boards managed by Cáritas for their region
  • Access a list of courses and learning opportunities
  • Register in a recruitment agency-like initiative hosted by Cáritas

Cáritas España https://www.caritas.es