In 2018 International Labour Organization launched Migration Recruitment Advisor (MRA). This initiative aims to fight against abuse and fraud which migrants often are exposed to when searching for job opportunities abroad. Therefore it seeks to help migrant workers to make critical choices at the time of planning their journey to work in a foreign country. As experience tells, when a worker is recruited fairly, the risk of ending in forced labour is drastically reduced.

The platform allows workers to comment on their experiences, rate and review recruitment agencies and get useful information about their destination country. Governments provided with the list of licensed agencies and a network of trade unions and civil society organisations in all target countries ensure the sustainability of the platform by reaching out to workers and speaking to them about their rights.

In 2020 the organization wanted to move forward in the project and update it to reach a wider audience. Relief Applications’ proposal was a chatbot to enable all the possible functionalities of the web platform through chat services.

Now the project continues maintained by ITUC