PIROI (Indian Ocean Regional Intervention Platform) is part of the French Red Cross and is responsible of delivering a regional programme of disaster risk management (DRM) in the south-west Indian Ocean since the year 2000.

PIROI’s main goal is to reduce the vulnerability of populations faced with the risks and consequences of natural disasters in the south-west Indian Ocean.

The organization achieve this by working on disaster risk reduction (DRR), an approach aimed at minimising or eliminating the negative effects of a natural phenomenon and thus preventing it from causing a disaster. DRR includes prevention and preparedness.

PIROI was searching for a partnership with a company or organization with technical expertise to create their own educational services regarding humanitarian response in emergency and post-emergency scenarios.

Specifically the organization was looking to be able to offer courses regarding:

● Management and leadership
● Sectorial Emergency training
● Training on risk management during disasters
● Formation méthodologies innovantes

Relief Applications worked to create contents adapted to PIROI needs and offered pedagogical methods that helped the organization to create their own educational service for staff and partners.

PIROI https://piroi.croix-rouge.fr

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