The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) promotes international cooperation through cooperation in education, arts, sciences and culture. They hold one of the most well known United Nations programmes, the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and their websites ecosystem is one of the most visited and referred in the nonprofit and international cooperation sector.

For UNESCO its websites, that include dozens of sites, web-apps, landing pages and more, is one of the most important channel to spread their message, launch campaigns and promote their researches and reports on the state of cultural and natural sites and more.

UNESCO uses Google Analytics as their main tool to track what users are doing in their sites, which helps the organization to understand which contents are more popular, how visitors behave and detect points of improvement. Since Google announced the substitution of the old version Universal Analytics for the new Google Analytics 4 UNESCO have been planning the transition, which needed to be effective before July 2023, the deadline offered by Google before proceeding of the shutdown of the old Universal Analytics.

Relief Applications offered a complete migration and configuration service to the new Google Analytics 4 in the whole UNESCO website galaxy, which included platforms developed with different technologies, adapting the new tool for the needs of their data analytics teams, creating customised dashboards and assuring that all the possible events are recollected, filtered and classified.

Some of the most relevant websites affected by the migration:
World Heritage Convention
Careers UNESCO
Intangible Cultural Heritage
UNESCO Core Data Portal