PIROI or the Indian Ocean Regional Intervention Platform is a regional intervention programme attached to the French Red Cross. Since the year 2000 this collaborative programme that involves different members of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has been carrying out a vast disaster risk management programme in the southwestern area of ‚ÄčIndian Ocean.

The initiative involves deploying equipment on the field during natural disasters and emergency operations. Provided by private donors these items need to follow a process of inventorying and traceability, a process that was mostly done with paperwork, with a high risk of losing information.

PIROI asked Relief Applications for a software tool to enable a complete tracking of the deployed items, to be deployed in all their warehouses and used by the operators and managers alike. It should replace most of the paperwork currently in place.

To respond to this need we built a web platform that serves as a Inventory Management WebApp. This platform enable stock inventories, easy traceability of all items, project management, user management and creation of visual dashboards. A mobile application may complement in the future the desktop platform and enable to scan QR codes to access data quickly. Multi-language support: English, French. Notification service (emailing), cloud storage for reporting documents, alerts management and role management