The client

The French Red Cross is an independent charity working alongside governments and public authorities. As a key player in society, they provide humanitarian, health, social, welfare and training services thanks to the work of 18,000 employees and 56,000 volunteers.

The project

The surge of covid pandemic aggravated the situation of people in risk of poverty and exclusion in the french region of La Guyane. It was detected specifically new and extense need of food aid assitance for more beneficiaries of the region. 

In response to this situation the Ministry of Interior and French Red Cross initiated a project to create the first complete cartography of the food aid actors in the region and their impact in the beneficiaries. This would serve as a complete research of the aid assistance situation in La Guyane, including surveys and the revision and classification of all the data already available about the subject.

French Red Cross is collaborating with Relief Applications to use Oort tool to conduct the study. Oort is a data management system built by Oort Cloud Tech in collaboration with Relief Applications that allowed FRC to build easily and in a very short time an analysis on the economic and social circumstances that face those in risk of poverty and exclusion in La Guyane French territory and their specific needs.

French Red Cross

Oort Data Management System