As the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO seeks to respond to cross-cutting development challenges and Post-Conflict/Post-Disaster situations building peace through international cooperation in education, sciences and culture. Recognizing that digital communication and web activities are critical to UNESCO ́s mission, in 2019 the organization decided to redesign its public web ecosystem in order to better inform, inspire and engage communities and partners with UNESCO’s work. The project also aimed at streamlining the number of websites and the technologies used as well as putting in place a new web governance and clear processes.

UNESCO seeks expertise in data modeling and visualization, encompassing a range of sub-tasks:
(1) the conceptualization, revision, and adaptation of dataset structures;
(2) the review and facilitation of data collection processes;
(3) the proposal and design of data visualization elements for rendering on webpages; and
(4) the oversight of technical integration, encompassing quality assurance and support.

Relief Applications has played a pivotal role in supporting UNESCO’s digital transformation journey. Our team collaborated closely with UNESCO to create dynamic data visualizations and dashboards that empower various UNESCO teams to showcase their work and data on their websites. We also assisted in restructuring data models to ensure optimal data organization and accessibility. Additionally, we leveraged Limesurvey to develop interactive and user-friendly surveys that gather valuable insights from UNESCO’s Member States.