Tournons La Page is a civic movement formed by 250 organisations aimed to promote the democratic alternance in Africa. With presence in 10 African countries.

Through various publications, studies and field actions, Tournons La Page contributes to the expansion of civic and democratic space in Africa. TLP focuses in four areas: Constitutions, Elections, Corruption and Wealth Capture and Rights and Freedoms, setting up activities to sensitize and mobilize the population on issues of citizen engagement and good governance.

The organization was working in a research to study the impact of security cooperation programmes between European countries and USA and different African countries. The study wanted to highlight the legal and parliamentary control differences between countries in these collaborations and understand the impact on the population, specially in countries with authoritarian regimes.

TLP wanted a website to share the results with the public. Now the results of the study is available by country, including police units, terms of each cooperation and possible human rights violations detected.

The website development included two parts:

  • The visual dashboard that displays all the information gathered during the research, which was previously introduced in a database.
  • A private access for TPL staff, which allows access to the database, in order to add or modify the information that feeds the graphics.

See live version :