Caritas Spes has been one of the first actors to offer humanitarian assistance in Ukraine after its independence from the Soviet Union and has been operating in the country ever since. With the technical support of Caritas Switzerland (CACH), Caritas Spes has strengthened and largely expanded its activities after the Russian invasion in February 2022 and has become a crucial actor in relief operations across the country, and in particular in highly inaccessible areas. With the expansion of their activities, Caritas Spes’ Information Management system has been pushed to its limits, and the staff was experiencing difficulties in expanding their current system to new projects.

In order to maintain the smooth implementation of its various programs and to support the daily activities of its staff on the ground, Caritas Spes is looking to strengthen and restructure its Information Management (IM) System to account for the recent expansion of its operations.

Relief Applications has supported Caritas Spes in providing strategic advice on relevant IM solutions for real-time project monitoring and beneficiaries’ registration in adequation with the current and expected evolution of Caritas Spes operations. We provided a general analysis of Caritas Spes’ current IM system, presented multiple solutions incorporating their requirements, and actionable recommendations to implement a long-term information management system.