ACT Alliance is a global alliance of more than 145 churches and related organisations working together in over 120 countries to create positive and sustainable change in the lives of poor and marginalized people. ACT Alliance is supported by 25,000 staff from member organisations and mobilises about USD 3 billion for its work each year in the areas of humanitarian aid, development and advocacy.

The website of the alliance was not updated, which could cause certain problems such as: losing quality and optimization, harming navigation and web positioning, use of outdated technology, design not in accordance with the new user experience guidelines. They needed to update their website according to the new technologies and design guidelines that improve the user experience and usability of the site. They also wanted to include a training platform for those who want to take training directly on the website.

The Relief Applications team chose to renew their current design according to the content they manage using website building frameworks like Divi. This will cause a betterperformance of the site, in accordance with the latest user experience guidelines that exist in the market. Specifically in the case of training, it was decided to take advantage of the capabilities of Memberpress with its add-on of courses.

Act Alliance Website